L'unico al mondo dedicato ad un accessorio indispensabile.

The umbrella.

An object so simple with very distant historical roots, with ancient sacred and symbolic functions.

In the ‘700 the light and functional umbrella enters the use of the more elegant classes as an accessory of refined elegance and represents a status symbol.
After the French revolution, the umbrella spreads in every social state and since then fashion has gone wild in the most extraordinary solutions.
Through the times the umbrella has taken on many shapes, has used rare and unusual materials, has been enriched with handles, sometimes in ivory and gold, turned, inlaid and chiseled.

In this museum, unique in its kind, there are important examples that mark the historical path of the rain cover and parasol.
A slice of history that, in addition to the beauty of the objects, reveals the meanings of costume that have revolved around this fashion accessory.