L'unico al mondo dedicato ad un accessorio indispensabile.

The exhibition

Dedicating a Museum to the parasol and the umbrella was an original idea full of respect and love for umbrella makers who, expecially in the Vergante area, have their roots.

In the glass cases on the ground floor you can see about 150 of the 1500 pieces in the collection, and these are mainly parasols and umbrellas which follow the fashions from the nineteenth century until today. With these you can see examples of materials used to cover umbrellas like silk and synthetic fibres, ivory, wood and silver handles and the small components which make an umbrella practical, beautiful and elegant.

In the second floor you can see fashion pictures and historical documents which describe the use of parasols and rain umbrellas and the umbrella-makers’ trade: from the photos of pioneers to a collection of the tools of the trade, the leather of wooden containers for the  materials needed to repair umbrellas and objects which were part of the everyday life of the travelling umbrella makers and finally some examples from factories all over Italy.