L'unico al mondo dedicato ad un accessorio indispensabile.

Celebration of the 80th anniversary of the foundation.

Eighty years ago Igino Ambrosini (1883-1955) who had already given life with other friends to the Botanical Garden “Alpinia”, completed the project that was most dear to him: the Umbrella and Parasol Museum in Gignese. He had requested the help of the scattered Umbrella family and with the support of the Municipality, it was located in the school building.
In 1949, after the storm of war had passed, the Museum was restored by Ambrosini in the same building.
In 1976, Eugenio Pattoni, Giuseppe Allesina, Silvano and Giuseppe Ambrosini, Zaverio Guidetti and the association of the “Ombrellai” gave effective seat to the Museum, in agreement and with the contribution of the Municipality, in a purpose-built building.
Now thanks to the contributions of the Piedmont Region, to the Municipality and to the Friends of the Umbrella and Parasol Museum, the structuring of the complex is being completed, according to modern exhibition canons.
The Museum, which was and still is a remarkable tourist attraction, is above all a testimony of the hard work and tenacity of our ancestors, of the umbrella makers of yesterday and today who did not fear the risk and had the ambition to create and lead an adventure. And it is with these feelings that Gignese is preparing to celebrate the eighty years of the Umbrella and Parasol Museum with the umbrella family.